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S16-T11S-R2W S16-T12S-R2W S16-T13S-R2W S16-T14S-R2W S16-T12S-R2E S16-T13S-R1E S16-T13S-R1W S16-T13S-R2E S16-T13S-R3E S16-T14S-R1W S16-R14S-R4E S16-T15S-R1W S16-T16S-R3E S16-T17S-R2E S16-T17S-R1W S16-T11S-R2E S16-T11S-R3E S16-T12S-R1W S16-T12S-R1E S16-T12S-R4E S16-T13S-R4E S16-T14S-R1E S16-T14S-R2E S16-T14S-R3E S16-T15S-R2W S16-T15S-R1E S16-T15S-R2E S16-T15S-R3E S16-T16S-R2W S16-T16S-R1W S16-T16S-R1E S16-T16S-R2E S16-T17S-R1E

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