Erath's Roots.... The Beginning
Overview: The history of Erath (Our Town) will be covered in this unit. Students and teacher will discuss the legacy of the town and how it began. Discussion on Erath's birth, the town's Centennial and Erath's Tragic moment in time. (The 1964 collapse of the Water Tower on the town's City Hall.) Also discussed will be Hurricane Hilda and Hurricane Lili hitting Erath both on October 3rd.
Open_Activity: A narrated Erath PowerPoint Presentation created by a former class will be viewed. Teacher will open with questions about the community. A list will be created about what the children know about their community Erath, Louisiana. Erath's Centennial Celebration in 1999 will be discussed.
Component: Whole Class/Individual Work
Time: 45 minutes
Participants: Whole Class
  • Teacher will share Erath History pictures and information.
  • Students research their town using a variety of resources including large time line in the back of the room, the internet, books, newspapers, etc.
  • Teacher will review events on time line in back of the room.
  • Teacher will review the expectations of students for this unit
  • Look up Erath Web Sites
  • Look at Erath's Online Photo Gallery
  • Teacher will explain the town began with August Erath, Dr. Joseph Kibbe and the Primeaux family in 1892 when land was purchased for the railroad to begin.
  • Expectation: Expectations for today's lesson
  • Begin an Erath Word Bank and a KWL Chart
  • Teacher will show an Erath PowerPoint created and narrated by a former class.
  • Teacher will share the story of Erath's beginning and the children will be asked to add or share stories,
  • Children will be asked to draw a picture and describe their favorite thing or event in Erath. (Example: July 4th, Homecoming, the Erath Park, etc.)
  • Students will go to bookmarked sites about Erath.
  • Questions:
  • Teacher ask and list these questions on the Erath display board.
  • What is a town?
  • What is a city?
  • Is Erath a city or town? Explain answer
  • What are things in Erath that you know about?
  • How old is Erath?
  • How did Erath get started?
  • What are some special things about Erath?
  • What are some bad things that have happened in Erath? Some Bad?
  • How did Erath get started?
  • Where did the name come from?
  • How did the July 4th Celebration begin?
  • Evaluation: Teacher observation
    Close_Act: Teacher will close with recapping the events discussed on the timeline.
  • Have students type in "Erath 4th of July" and "Acadian Museum" to get URL addresses for research. If time permits, students may look up Erath School Information.
  • We will look at the pictures from the teacher's Water Tower Collapse Site (Erath's Tragic Moment in Time).
  • Web Addresses
      Erath's Historical Information (The Beginning)
      Erath's Tragic Moment in Time
      Erath Pictorial History Photo Gallery
      Teacher Guide Listing
      Teacher Guide Slides
    Handouts, Activity Sheets, Etc.