VPSB Wellness Department
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As of 5/1/08, PREVENTIVE CARE:  Benefits are payable at 100% for one screening or diagnostic colonoscopy every 5 years for adult members regardless of age. In Network Providers.  Deductible, coinsurance or co pay should not apply.





Colorectal cancer first develops as colorectal polyps.  These growths in the colon or rectum may become cancerous over time.  Regular screening can prevent colorectal cancer by finding and removing the polyps before they develop into cancer.  More than 90% of colorectal cancers can be cured when caught early.


For most Americans, screening should begin at age 50.

Talk with your doctor if you or anyone in your family has had colorectal cancer, polyps or other hereditary colon conditions.  Your doctor will tell you how often you should be screened, as well as which testing method is preferred for your situation.


The wellness screening benefit covers ONE routine colonoscopy beginning May 1, 2008 (2008-2009 policy year).  If an insured individual needs a 2nd colonoscopy for a medically necessary condition, the 2nd one and all others are covered at current plan benefits.  ONLY the 1st routine colonoscopy at an In-Network provider is paid at 100% (waiving the deductible, co-payment and coinsurance for colonoscopy procedures).